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Sunday was a big day for us, we were competing at Cheltenham racecourse, the regional finals to see if we were going through to the grand final of the L’Oreal colour trophy held at the fabulous Grosvenor hotel, Park lane.

We got to the salon at 11am, started to prep our model Tanya, you will most probably recognise her, she is the red haired model I have recently been blogging about. At about 2.45 we had Tanya all coloured, blow-dried, tongued and pinned ready to set off.

After a quick stop for a bite to eat and a coffee we arrived at Cheltenham racecourse, a few hours went by doing make-up and getting Tanya clothed. Tanya went off to do a stage rehearsal and we were saying hello to lots of different people, having our pictures taken in a fun photo booth L’Oreal had created.

At 6.45 I was called to my section and all the guests were asked to take a seat. I was then given 30 minuets to recreate my photo entry and boy did that 30 minuets fly by! There were a couple of shows for us to watch, that were brilliant! Then onto results time – some fabulous work got through, we didn’t unfortunately but was a great evening and we shall be going for it again next year.

tan lor 1                      tan loreal day

 tan lor     _DSC3818colourtrophy

   tan loreal 4


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