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So sorry for my lack of posting, we have been super busy with Christmas and all our amazing winter weddings.


Firstly I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and new year! seems like a very long time ago now though doesn’t it?


For the last two years I have been to help out at a charity called Birmingham Christmas shelter, this is open over the Christmas period to give warmth, food and shelter for people who may not have anywhere to go and also to provide services like hairdressing (where Dale Hairdressing comes in) dentistry, chiropody and others.


It was my job this year, on boxing day to provide haircuts for those who needed them. In the 3 1/2 hours my scissors were out about 30 haircuts were done and the best bit, seeing everyone walking around with a big smile on there face.


birmingham christmas shelter


If you would like to help out next time have a look at




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